Patricia Heaton’s Husband Accused of Inappropriate Touching on ‘Carol’s Second Act’ Set, Two Writers Quit

Patricia Heaton's Husband Accused of Inappropriate Touching on 'Carol's Second Act' Set, Two Writers Quit

Two female writers have quit the CBS series Carol’s Second Act amid allegations that executive producer David Hunt inappropriately touched one of them.

David, who is married to the show’s star Patricia Heaton, was accused by writer Broti Gupta of inappropriately touching her on two separate occasions, The New York Times reports.

Gupta says that Hunt hugged her twice from the side and then ran his hand up the side of her thigh while complimenting her pants. Weeks later, Hunt was walking around the set while looking for something when he allegedly took Gupta “by the shoulders and jerked her forward.”

The second moment was witnessed by co-executive producer Margee Magee, who Gupta then confided in about the first instance. They then reported the behavior to the showrunners, but Gupta only wanted Hunt to be educated on harassment. She did not want him kicked off the show.

Gupta and Magee were then barred from a rehearsal the next week and they were no longer allowed to run revised jokes by the showrunners on tape night. In the end, they both quit when they felt their job responsibilities were being cut back.

A lawyer for Hunt says that his client “did not remember the details as described” and that he “does not recall rubbing anyone’s thigh or leg and he disputes that characterization of it.” Hunt also “remembers looking for a script but does not remember the detail of touching anyone’s shoulders, and if he did that, it was not intended to be offensive.”

Hunt completed harassment training on October 1.


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